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We at Sonny Henry’s Auction Service are continually promoting, advertising,, and furthering our education in the coin market and auction business, so that we can attain a quality Service for the numismatic hobby. All of this is done so that we can bring you good collectable materials and attain top dollar for you. This sale consists of US & foreign coins including gold pcs. A Nice selection of Early Type, Certified-PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, PCI, Commemoratives, Proof Sets, Mint sets; Currency, Var-Errors, etc.

Many rare and hard to find items. Something for the beginning collector as well as the advanced collector. In this auction is the Illinois & Iowa Coin & Currency Collections and others. More old time collections for future auctions are being added.

Featured Items: 

 Continued Illinois & Iowa Collections & Others

1878 7/8 TF Morgan Dollar PCGS MS66 Strong

1806 Bust Quarter-PCGS F15

1851-C $1 Gold Au 58

1863-S Seated Half Dollar PCGS MS 63

1948 Canada Dollar MS 64  

1922 $1 Grant “no star” PCGS MS 64

1908 NM $20 St. Gaudens Gold PCGS MS 62

1909 - S VDB Lincoln Cent PCGS AU Details

1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent NGC AU 50 BN

1864 2 - Cent Large Motto PCGS MS65 RD

1913 - S Type 2 Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS64  

1937 - D Buffalo Nickel 3 Legged PCGS AU58                     

1896 - S Barber Quarter PCGS VG10               

1921 Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS AU55

1915 Barber Half Dollar PCGS PR65

1878 7/8 TF Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65 Strong

1879 - O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65   

1879 - CC Morgan Dollar  PCGS MS62

1889 - S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65

1891 - CC Morgan Dollar  PCGS MS63 PL

1881 - CC Morgan Dollar  PCGS MS64 DMPL

1884 - S Morgan Dollar     PCGS AU55

1921 Peace Dollar              PCGS MS65                                                                        

2014 - W Gold Kennedy High Relief      NGC PF70

1896 Silver Certificate PMG 15                          

1901$10 Bison Note

1913 Lincoln Cent PCGS PR-66 RB, Lustrous matte proof Lincoln

1854 3c Silver PCGS MS-65

1883/2 SHIELD Nickel PCGS XF-45

1914/3 Jefferson Nickel ANACS AU-58 Laminations

1936-S/S Buffalo Nickel NGC MS-66 FS-501

1845/1845 Half Dime NGC MS-65 FS-3

1872-CC Seated Dime PCGS VG-10

1910 Barber Quarter PCGS PR-65

1795 50c ANACS VF-30 Details, old cleaning

1918-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-64                                         

1877 Trade Dollar NGC MS-62

1882-O/S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-64 WEAK, VAM-5 Top-100 OMM  variety.

1879 Dollar J-1617 Pattern PCGS PR-62 GOLOID

1837 FEUCHTWANGER 1c NGC MS-65 (5H) 

1893-0 Morgan Dollar Anacs Au 50

1909 Lincoln Cent S/HorizontalS PCGS MS 65 R/B

1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel Au Details "Scratch Obv"

1889 0 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS 64

1929 $10 N/C First NB in Reno, NV Ch# 7038 Fine

1808 Bust Half Dollar  PCGS XF45

1814  Bust Half Dollar  PCGS AU50

1956 Ty-2 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS PR69 CAM

1884-cc Morgan dollar-NGC MS64DPL CAC

1878-s Trade dollar-NGC MS60

1873 “Arrows” Seated Dime MS 64

1850-0 $1 Gold Au 55

1873 “Arrows” Seated Quarter DDR mS 63

1915-S $1 Pan-Pac Commemorative Gold  PCGS MS 64

1831 Bust Half Dollar   PCGS AU58

1940 Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS PR65 CAC

1885-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS64

1877 Indian Cent PCGS G4                                            

1909 - S VDB Lincoln Cent PCGS VF25

1922 No D Strong Reverse Lincoln Cent PCGS VF25

1926 Standing Liberty Quarter   PCGS MS64                                    

1929 Standing Liberty Quarter   PCGS MS64 FH

1945 Walking Liberty Half NGC MS67             

1921 Missouri 50c Commemorative NGC MS62                               

1936 Elgin 50c Commemorative NGC MS65                         

1878 7 TF Reverse of 78 Morgan Dollar NGC MS65

1878 - CC Morgan Dollar  PCGS MS63                                                

1879 - P Morgan Dollar     PCGS MS65 CAC

1879 - S Morgan Dollar     PCGS MS67

1891 - P Morgan Dollar     PCGS MS64

1892 - O Morgan Dollar     PCGS MS64                                    

1895 - O Morgan Dollar     PCGS VF20                         

1880 - S Morgan Dollar     PCGS MS65 DMPL

1881 - CC Morgan Dollar  PCGS MS65

1899 - P Morgan Dollar     PCGS MS65

1922 - D Peace Dollar        NGC MS65                           

1928 - P Peace Dollar        NGC MS62                                                                           

1909 $5 Gold Indian          NGC MS63               

2008 - W Silver Eagle Reverse of 07 PCGS MS69

1925 Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS-66

1938-D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS-67+ QA

1943/2-P Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS-66

1924-D Standing Liberty Quarter  NGC MS-63 FH

1810 Bust Half Dollar  PCGS AU-50

1853 Arrows Seated Half Dollar NGC AU-58

1906-D Barber Half Dollar NGC MS-63

1928 Peace Dollar ICG MS-62



more coming later.   

These are very desirable items. Don’t leave without one of these.

We at Sonny Henry’s Auction Service are continually promoting, advertising,, and furthering our education in the coin market and auction business, so that we are professionals at what we do. All of this is done so that we can bring you good collectable materials and attain top dollar for you.
  • Authorized Submitter for PCGS,NGC, Anacs , CAC, Single Coin & Bulk Submissions Available.
  • Specializing Since 1986, over 24 years of ANA Summer Seminar Education.
  • Also Offering Educational Numismatic Seminars. Just give us a Call at 815-539-6300.
Sonny Henry
Sonny Henry’s Auction Service


We accept phone, fax and mail as well as Live Floor bids. Live Floor and Phone and Mail Bid.

Auction Lot Viewing – Midwest Center for Christian Living Intersection of I-80 and Exit 77 599 Canaan Drive Lasalle, Illinois Inspection: 10:30am – 1:00pm Auction – 1:00pm

*All bid sheets must be signed. All terms and conditions must be accepted, when bidding in this Auction.

ALL Fax and Mail Bids must be received by 10:00 PM CST on the Thursday before the Auction
  • Live Phone Bids during Auction 815-228-9499
  • Phone your bids to 815-539-6300
  • Fax bids to 815-538-2511
Mail your bids to:
Sonny Henry’s Auction Services
P.O. Box 416
Mendota, Illinois 61342

Drawing for a $100 toward your Bill immediately following the auction. Winner must be present to win
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